User Directory

You can see all users defined in the EDG system by clicking on the Users link in the left hand side Navigation Bar. Each user listed can be clicked on to see user details. Only users that have previously logged in to EDG are listed on this page unless you have configured LDAP in Server Administration. For each user, the details presented consist of:

  • Settings : Non-LDAP users can define the email address that receives notifications, name and phone number. Users with administrator privileges can edit this information for all users. Language preferences is displayed based on the browser settings for current logged in user.
  • Governance Roles: Lists the governance roles of the selected user, if any. The list displays the name of the area or asset collection (including a link to the details page) and the governance role of the user.
  • Landing Page Gadget Settings: Users can personlize their view of the EDG landing (home) page. Admininistrators cannot edit this for individuals, only globally through server administration.
  • Avatar: Clicking on the person icon in the top right will allow users (or administrators) to set a photo for the user. This will be used on the home page, user page, and comments. Note: Due to a bug in Jena 3.15.0, we are unable to save avators if you are using TopBraid EDG with Data Platform.