TopBraid EDG User Guide


This User Guide provides access to:

  • Asset Collection Guides which will walk you through typical operations (such as editing content, importing, exporting, and running reports) available for working with any type of asset collection in your EDG solution.
  • A guide explaining EDG permissions and how to work with EDG Governance Model.
  • A guide describing workflow functionality supported by TopBraid EDG and how workflow templates are created and used.
  • Guides on the capabilities such as “Search the EDG” that are orthogonal to access collections and are accessible from either the Home Page for EDG or EDG Navigator bar.
  • Guides with information specific to certain asset collection types such as ontologies, taxonomies, crosswalks, content tag sets, corpora, data graphs and lineage models.  These are complimentary to the general Asset Collection Guides.


Lineage Model