Migration from EDG 6.4 to 7.0

    In EDG 7.0, TopQuadrant has made improvements to the underlying architecture to remove outdated technologies. This was a necessary change for the stability of the product. With this, we have modernized our deployment process as requested by customers. Please read this page carefully and follow the new documentation. If you have any issues, open a ticket with TopQuadrant support. Please read this entire document before upgrading.

    • Basic Workflow template moved. Basic (default) workflow has been moved making this workflow no longer included when using customized workflow templates. If you are using customized templates and want to add the basic workflow back then navigate to the Workflow Templates page and click “Install Default Workflow Templates”. When clicked the default workflow will be added to the customizations graph. Without this, the system will become unstable as workflow instances may not find their template. So most users should click that link once they migrate.
    • Content Tag Set Layout. With EDG 7.0 Content Tag Sets (Tagger) has a new panel and default layout making it easier to tag content all in one screen. Please perform the following steps to enable to new panel and layout. An Admin user will need to navigate to System Administration – Layouts, and hit the refresh layouts button. This will apply to all users. Individual users should clear their browser cache if they are not seeing the “Add tags” panel available. 
    • Deployment changes.
      • EDG 7.0 must be run on Java 11, not Java 8. Please update your environment prior to using EDG 7.0
      • The Secure Storage implementation has been replaced. When upgrading existing installations, all credentials will have to be re-entered.
      • The web.xml file will need to be auto-generated, you cannot use your existing web.xml. The web.xml is no longer considered an editable configuration file and must be left unmodified.
      • Data Platform and RDBMS connection information needs to be moved from config.ttl to the setup file or done via interactive setup.
      • Some configuration parameters such as database, workspace folder cannot be changed via the user interface anymore. You will no longer see these options on the Server Administration page.
      • Server Configuration Parameters and EDG configuration Parameters settings have been moved around. The majority of IT settings will now be in Server Configuration page.
      • The workspace folder containing collections created in EDG must be named Repositories with EDG 7.0. Having another name is no longer supported. Customers that have legacy EVNProjects folder in the workspace or have changed the EDG configuration default repositories project name should follow these steps. Delete the cfg:teamworkRootProject setting from workspace/server.topbraidlive.org/dynamic/config.ttl and do either of these migration steps:
        • Rename the teamwork root project directory from its current name to Repositories (capitalization matters!)
        • Or add repositoriesProjectName = DirectoryName to their edg-setup.properties file
    • SAML. Customers using SAML should upgrade the jars.  Instructions for upgrading SAML jars:

    Stop Tomcat

    Backup/move the Tomcat /lib directory to another name eg: lib-6.4

    Extract the contents of TopBraid-Auth.zip from your EDG download package into Tomcat /lib

    eg: unzip TopBraid-Auth.zip -d /var/lib/tomcat8/lib

    Ensure your context.xml has the proper:

    a. class name

    <Valve className=”org.topbraidlive.auth.adapters.saml.tomcat.SamlValve”

    b. attribute mappings.With EDG 7.0 additional mappings can be added for name and email. If you would like to take advantage of this follow these instructions. Add emailaddress and CommonName attributes (if sent )



    These are example claims that send mapped values as attributes. Check with your SSO/IDP team for correct attribute names.

    Now you can start tomcat and use the new SAML valve with additional attributes.