EDG Administrator Guide

Server Installation and Integration

Guide to installing the TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) server into its platform environment and integrating it with systems services.

Server Administration

This guide addresses global EDG setup, configuration, and maintenance from within the EDG application.

Installation Checklist

This guide contains a step-by-step checklist for deploying a new EDG server.

EDG Methods to Deploy Projects

This guide describes three methods for deploying projects to TopBraid EDG. EDG projects contain multiple resources, such as asset collections, working copies and turtle files.

TopBraid Data Platform

The TopBraid Data Platform is a high availability solution for TopBraid EDG servers. It enables continuous operation of business functions by replicating data across a cluster of EDG servers.

Installation of Explorer or Auto Classifier

TopBraid Explorer and TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier are optional, separately licensed add-on modules for the EDG product. Each module entails some additional server installation.

EDG Backup and Restore

Guide to backup and restore procudures for EDG and Explorer.