TopQuadrant EDG 7.0 Documentation

current release

Introduction to EDG

TopQuadrant’s TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance™ (EDG) is a flexible, web-based solution that addresses data governance needs in enterprise environments with heterogeneous data stores, data processing, and applications. In this guide you will find an introduction to the terminology, user interface, sample data and other important information.

Getting Started Guides

Getting started guides provide a good introduction to commonly used features and provide examples to get you started. 

User Guide

A comprehensive guide for data stewards, knowledge engineers and other knowledge workers using TopBraid EDG – an agile, integrated, enterprise information governance. This guide focuses on the capabilities provided through EDG UI. See Developer Guide for information on the programmatic access to EDG.

Developer Guide

This guide describes approaches for integrating EDG with other systems in your environment as well as advanced techniques for customizing TopBraid EDG capabilities. You’ll learn how to interact with EDG through APIs and how to build new APIs. This guide also covers advanced techniques for preparing data for injection into EDG.

Administrator Guide

A guide to installing and operating the TopBraid EDG Enterprise Server. Topics include global EDG setup, configuration, and maintenance tasks that are performed using EDG’s administration console.

Upgrades and Migrations

A guide for administrators of TopBraid EDG performing version upgrades. Here you will find best practices, migration notes and detailed upgrade steps.