TopBraid EDG Getting Started Guides

TopQuadrant’s TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance™ (EDG)  supports integrated data governance across the ever growing numbers and types of data assets and governance needs. It lets you capture business glossaries, data sources, conceptual models or ontologies, reference data, business applications, policies and more. Further, it lets you build relationships across all of these items – because connections are key to data governance.

The following Getting Started Guides for our most popular packages are a good way to begin an evaluation or learn the basics of working with EDG.

Getting Started with EDG Vocabulary Management

The TopBraid EDG Vocabulary Management package works with taxonomies, ontologies and crosswalks. 

Getting Started with EDG Business Glossaries

A business glossary goes beyond just a list of terms. Linking terms to IT assets establishes a connection between business and IT and enhances organizational collaboration.

Getting Started with EDG Reference Data Management

Reference data are standardized codes or data entities that are typically used by multiple applications as lists or tables.

Getting Started with TopBraid Explorer

TopBraid Explorer lets a broader community of data stakeholders work with the enterprise knowledge graph curated by TopBraid EDG.