Migration from EDG 6.3 to 6.4

For 6.4.3

  • GraphQL’s where…pattern has been replaced with ‘contains’. Use filter($value, “regex(…)”) instead. Example:

For 6.4.2 SAML Migrations

  • To use OAuth, an administrator will need to remove saml-6.x.y.jar from $CATALINA_HOME/lib and replace it with auth-6.4.2.jar. Also, the following new libraries are required:
    jackson-annotations, jackson-core, jackson-databind, java-jwt. We recommend removing saml-6.x.y.jar and unzip TopBraid-Auth.zip (located in topbraid-edg-6.4.2.v{build}.zip).
  • The package for SamlValve has changed from org.topbraid.saml.adapters.tomcat.SamlValve to org.topbraidlive.auth.adapters.saml.tomcat.SamlValve due to refactoring, so META-INF/context.xml and $tomcat/conf/logging.properties will need to be updated accordingly.

For 6.4.2, 6.4.1, 6.4.0

  • Data Platform update for 6.4. Please upgrade the version of Data Platform to 0.8.4 when upgrading to EDG 6.4, this is required if you have purchased and are running Data Platform.

  • Content Tag Set change. Taxonomies as subject graphs are no longer supported as of 6.4. It needs to be a Corpus or Data Graph.


  • New layout based editor replaces old editors as well as some tab page functions. The new editor, introduced in 6.3 is now the only editor for EDG. Panels replace the features of the old editors as well as change history report, export SPARQL query, export Saved Search. 

  • Includes based on subject area has been removed. Before upgrading to 6.4, remove this flag from the Manage tab. Any collections that were previously included can be selected from Settings/Include tab. Warnings will be present in startup of 6.4 and the Settings tab if not removed prior to upgrade and you will need to clean this up from the Settings tab.


  • With the addition of new features for S3, the configuration has been moved to the Server Administration area under “External System Integration Management”. Existing corpus projects that use S3 will need to re-configure their buckets to use these.


  • The behavior of GraphQL queries has changed: if queries use both ‘first’ and ‘orderBy’ then the previous versions would first collect all possible values and then order and then return the first N entries. As of 6.3.2 this no longer collects all values but instead picks the first N (random) values and orders those. To get the old behavior, set orderAll: true as query parameters.


  • User information is now stored in a graph. Customers using users.ttl to store user accounts (such as for personal EDG on TBCME or no-auth EDG on Tomcat) will not have their users automatically migrated from users.ttl to the user-data graph. On EDG, there is a link in Server Administration to a service which will copy users from users.ttl to the user-data graph. In TBC, there is a new item in the System menu to do the same thing.


  • Migration for new TopBraid-SAML.zip. In order to receive the latest improvements and fixes for SAML authentication, please remove the old versions of the SAML jars and unzip the new TopBraid-Auth.zip file from the EDG download. If you have modified these in any way, you will need to redo your modifications.

rm commons-lang3-3.4.jar
rm java-support-7.5.0.jar
rm jaxb-api-2.2.12.jar
rm opensaml-core-3.4.3.jar
rm opensaml-saml-api-3.4.3.jar
rm opensaml-saml-impl-3.4.3.jar
rm opensaml-security-api-3.4.3.jar
rm opensaml-security-impl-3.4.3.jar
rm opensaml-soap-api-3.4.3.jar
rm opensaml-xmlsec-api-3.4.3.jar
rm opensaml-xmlsec-impl-3.4.3.jar
rm saml-?.?.?.jar
rm saml-client-4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
rm slf4j-api-1.7.19.jar