Migration from EDG 6.1 to 6.2


Unless otherwise noted, the migration items are cumulative. Thus, beginning with one’s current version level, all items from all subsequent sections, i.e., (increasing) version levels, should be checked for possible applicability.

Ontology Optimizations setting

If you manually disabled Ontology Optimizations, see 6.1 Migration “Collection Optimizations are Enabled”, you must re-enable this for version 6.2.

Read-only flag for collections

Migration concerns for those who have developed custom extensions (e.g. SWP pages). The new read-only flag SHOULD disable any feature that can make changes to an asset collection’s master graph. If you have developed an EDG extension that makes modifications, you should make sure that it gets disabled when the corresponding asset collection has been made read-only. This usually happens automatically with no code changes, as long as your extension checks that the current user has editor permissions, e.g. using teamwork:currentUserHasPrivilege. The only case where you may need to make changes to your extension is if you have checked for manager permissions instead of editing permission: for read-only graphs, the function teamwork:currentUserHasPrivilege (and derived functions) still return true if someone is a manager, and the requested permission is teamwork:manager. In those cases, you should add an extra clause to check !teamwork:isReadOnlyProject(?projectGraph). Please contact TQ support if you have questions.

Search pane on Ontologies and Taxonomies require SHACL

The search pane of EDG Ontologies and Taxonomies is now based on SHACL. To migrate a collection’s included ontologies to a SHACL basis, see: Ontology Utilities > Convert OWL Axioms to SHACL Constraints.┬áIf your ontology contains instances, you need to generate SHACL shapes to fully use search over instances. Otherwise, only free text search is available.

Usages in Other Collections

Usages in Other Collections section in the detail forms has been removed with the new SHACL based forms. It was only implemented in a limited fashion in previous releases. This will be reimplemented with a more robust solution in a future release.


With 6.1, content tag sets now need triples that explicitly import the subject graph and object graph into the tag set. The triples will be automatically created for new tag sets. Old tag sets required migration.