Migration from EDG 6.2 to 6.3


Unless otherwise noted, the migration items are cumulative. Thus, beginning with one’s current version level, all items from all subsequent sections, i.e., (increasing) version levels, should be checked for possible applicability.

“New” Editor vs “Old” Editor

EDG 6.3 is set to default to the new editor page for viewing and editing asset collections. A system setting can be changed to prefer the old editor again in EDG Configurations – Available Editor Applications. Otherwise there is a button at the top of EDG to switch to old vs new editors. Old editors are being deprecated and will no longer be available starting with release 6.4.

SPARQL Motion Modules Changed

The SPARQLMotion modules sml:PostRequest and sml:ImportJSONFromGraphQLService have changed their behavior with regard to error handling and treatment of certain corner cases. SPARQLMotion and SWP scripts that use these modules should be tested carefully.

Saved Search in the New Editor

In 6.2 and prior versions, saved searches in the editor applications were saved in the collections main graph instead of the history graph. Feedback from customers indicate that they would like any extraneous EDG information stored outside of the main graph for the purpose of exports. Existing saved searches will still appear and can be executed. Default search however will need to be migrated to be used in the new editor. Please save your default search again from the new editor.

URI Construction Rules

URI construction rules have moved from the main graph into the history graph, and the property names are slightly modified. Please re-set Server Default rules on the EDG Configuration Parameters page, and click the link there to ‘Migrate rules’ in the from previous versions.

This only applies if you have set URI construction rules prior to version 6.3.The Server Default Parameters will be reset on when upgrading to 6.3. The link will run a service that loops through each graph in the workspace, removing the rules under the old names from the main graph, and putting them into the team graph under the new rule names.  Depending on the size of your workspace, this may take a while to execute. The good news is, it will only have to be run once. After his service has been executed, your rules should be moved and will once again be picked up properly in 6.3. Don’t forget to re-enter your rules after the migration is complete. 

SAML Authentication

  • SAML will only work with secure connections (HTTPS), so customers will need to install certificates.
  • Customers using forms auth for API clients will need to switch to BASIC if they want to use SAML for Browser SSO.
  • API clients will need to connect to EDG using HTTPS if EDG is using SAML.
  • Any SPARQLMotion modules that use URLs to connect to EDG will need to use HTTPS if EDG is using SAML.
  • Direct links to sub-pages of EDG will redirect to the home page with SAML if the user is not already logged in. This is being worked on for an upcoming release.


It’s no longer possible to change the root class of a Corpus in the settings. Old Corpora that have a different root class will appear empty in the new editor, but it’s possible to switch to the old editor. Users should migrate such corpora (which are assumed to be straight RDF imports) to data graphs.