Asset Collection User Assignment

The user management page (tab) sets permissions only for the collection or the working copy you are in. For details on how permissions and roles work in TopBraid EDG, please see the Access Control documention.

Collection Permissions


For any asset collection and a working copy of a collection in a context of a workflow, access to its basic viewing, editing, and utility functions is controlled by the three nested permission profiles: viewereditor, and manager (where each profile is a superset of the preceding one). On each collection, these permissions are set for various users, either as individuals or as security roles (e.g., from LDAP).


Collection Permissions section list users that have access to this specific collection or, in the context of a workflow, its working copy.  A blank setting indicates no access for the user or role.


Users with manager privileges can use this page to assign permission profiles to other users. For non-managers, this view is read-only.


In a context of a production copy, permissions can be set for any user. In a context of a workflow permissions can be set only for users that already have (at least) a viewers privileges for the production copy. A given user can have different permission profiles for the collection itself (production copy) and one of its workflow working copies. Similarly, they could have different permissions in the context of different workflows.


For example, if Jane has manager permission profile for an asset collection, she can give John viewer privileges for it and editor privileges for one of its workflow copies. John can then make changes in the context of a workflow.


A user that has any governance role for a collection is automatically granted viewer privileges for the collection and any of its workflows. Users can also be designated as managers or editors through their governance role. For more information see the Governance Model section of the documentation. 


A user with multiple permission profiles on a given collection or workflow receives the greatest level assigned. See Workflows – Rights Entailed by Permissions Profiles for details.



Asset Collection Governance Roles


This section lists governance roles assigned either directly for this collection or indirectly through a governance area it belongs to.


Users with manager privileges can use this page to assign governance roles to other users: as individuals, as security roles (e.g., from LDAP), or as organizations. For non-managers, this view is read-only. For details on governance roles, see Governance Model > Governance Areas (and Roles).